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CE Evans & Son

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Quality, Service & Price. The theory goes that you can only pick two out of three, but as a family business we are certain that we deliver on all three!
Families are aware of the need to buy the best for health and well-being and so we take great care in only providing the best and almost always from local sources. All our food is real food.
The meat we sell is nutritious, natural & supportive of health and well-being. We know our suppliers and we know where they are and we talk to them regularly.


We are a family business and our customers are part of that experience. There is more to ordering meat than asking for a rib eye and we help you through the differences. Visit us and you'll get treated to the best cuts every day and you will become an expert. Our shop has become a pretty cool place to visit a couple times a week. Tips for the grill and barbeques. Extra thick pork chops or perhaps your lamb set up for you as a French rib roast. Supermarkets lack the personal touch and ‘people miss counters’, so come to our shop and get the full experience.


We work hard to keep your family budget on track, we really do! With special offers every few weeks (always featured on our website) you won’t have the problem of thinking ‘what shall we cook tonight?" or "What looks good today?" We know it is working too because our customers keep coming back again and again. We never sacrifice quality or flavour for price. You have our word on that!

Special Offers

2 Local Trout for £6.99 - includes free filleting. Perfect for your bbq!

Aside of Special Offers
Aside of

New Seasons Lamb Chops - £7.99 for 6!

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Often there is on-street car parking close to our shop but just in case, the station carpark is within very easy reach and you can find us opposite the Swan hotel and just a short walk up from The Bell

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